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And getting to know you is the best place we can start.


Our mission is to make sure you're happy doing great work, and its our relationship with you that makes this possible. To get the best results, we need to be honest with each other. That's how we build trust, and from there we can really start helping you get the results you want.

"It’s my absolute pleasure to recommend Dusty Road as my agent. I’ve dealt with many agents in my freelance career and Lucy is a definite standout. She understands my work personality and aspirations and consistently places me in great projects and excellent work environments. I trust in her insight and judgement when it comes to potential opportunities as she’s a very genuine person to deal with."
Allen – Digital Creative/Designer

why dusty road?


Dusty Road began life in New Zealand in 2014, and we've been representing and growing our clients' careers internationally since then.


With international production and post-production awards from film and tv projects working with HBO, Twentieth Century Fox, Carnival Films and New Line Cinema, Bruce Everett brings his passion and reputation in film and TV production to Dusty Road. Lucy, co-owned and operated Auckland Audio for 15 years and established Auckland talent agency Word Of Mouth, she's worked in a digital agency and in post-production in London, then in visual effects at Oktobor in NZ. For most of Lucy’s career she has represented creative talent in one way or another. Her passion and speciality lies in digital, design and advertising. 

Bruce and Lucy often work together on a brief with relationships and expertise covering the full spectrum of film, television, digital, design and advertising in New Zealand, Australia, USA and Europe.

“There are recruiters who fill positions, and there are agents who’ve got your back. For me Lucy Everett and the Dusty Road team are the latter, taking the time to understand your motivations and personality before putting anything on the table, supporting your development and success long after you’ve got the job.”
Slade – NY Creative Director / Copywriter

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