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New Zealand talent has proven over many years its passionate commitment to innovation, coupled with an extraordinary work ethic.   


New Zealand is famous for the quality of its film, television, advertising, design and innovation professionals, and is a high performing player in the international creative & digital community. This is one reason why New Zealand punches so far above its weight.

By engaging Dusty Road talent in US, Europe, Australia, Middle East and Asia, either in market or assembling a team to work remotely, you can leverage our time zone difference and exchange rate to contribute to a successful and profitable outcome. 

At Dusty Road, we’re expert at finding and managing talent to either work with you in your part of the world, or to work for you from ours.

"As a returning Kiwi Producer from the Middle East, Dusty Road is the absolute perfect fit for me to continue producing globally. Tapping into Bruce and Lucy’s mounting connections, I love their complete unflappable, level headed, honest approach. Something necessary in this business! They get it and all who they represent."
Lou Allan – Producer